This is ARC

ARC makes the entire crypto market available from the palm of your hand. We're redefining the status quo by refining all of DeFi. Unplug from institutional finance as we empower users to achieve true financial freedom, returning 50% of revenue to $ARC token holders.

ARC is unleashing crypto’s full potential

Connect directly to multiple blockchains & exchanges with ARC - providing effortless access to countless tokens, NFTs, & DeFi products. Fusing both on-chain and off-chain data streams together allows the mighty ARC Reactor at the heart of our aggregator system to create powerful synergies and unlock the true wonder of blockchain technology. Tap into the entire market with ARC’s intuitive & efficient interface and power up your portfolio of digital assets. All within 3 clicks.

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The future of crypto

Leave issues like liquidity, custody, and accessibility in the past where they belong - ARC is the catalyst for the next evolutionary step in blockchain technology. We’re working to connect the entire market for effortless access via a single page of our aggregator interface. Transactions can now flow unimpeded on a wave of unlimited liquidity as all streams of capital are fused together within our reactor - half of the energy (revenue) generated is returned back via the $ARC token.


Our ecosystem

so far...

ARC is committed to assembling the best possible crypto ecosystem. By fusing multiple disparate streams of crypto together, ARC supercharges your experience and gives power back to you - the user. All of the best-in-class products below will be connected together in our multi-market dashboard. The ARC Reactor’s control panel is a single page that acts as a conduit, allowing users to plug in and execute transactions across the entire crypto market.

Revenue Share

We'll distribute half of our revenue to $ARC token holders - our Alpha product currently pays out via the ARC Reactor.

NFT Marketplace (Coming soon)

Mint, buy, & sell NFTs for just a 1% transaction fee - projects can partner with us for tailored marketing opportunities.

Native Wallet (Coming soon)

There will be no need to leave the ARC ecosystem once our native wallet is released in Q3 2022.

Dashboard (Coming soon)

An intuitive ecosystem and complete solution. Access your entire crypto toolbox from a single interface.




  • 50% Revenue share

  • NFT Marketplace

  • Efficient Swaps

  • Farms & Pools

  • Fiat on-ramp

  • Crosschain Bridge

  • 50% Revenue Share

  • NFT Marketplace

  • Efficient Swaps

  • Farms & Pools

  • Fiat on-ramp

  • Crosschain Bridge


  • Market Cap

  • Circulating supply

  • Contract

  • Chart

  • Unicrypt locked





Our team

ARC has assembled a strong group of professionals from across both the blockchain industry and the wider corporate world. With the core team collectively having managed over 1 billion AUM, and having decades of experience in Web3 they’re at the forefront of knowledge and expertise needed to lead innovation in the space.

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TJ Dunham

Founder & CEO
member img

Nick Ashley

member img

George Fox

member img

Henry Syahputra

member img

Ryan Kowalczyk

Community Manager
member img

Liam McCarthy

Operations Manager
member img

Logan Audie

Video Editing & Design Manager
member img

Jacob Binnie

Head of QA

Frequently asked questions

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ARC is building the first true multi-market aggregator, consolidating decentralized finance, NFT marketplaces, and the entire cryptocurrency market into a single terminal powered by a sleek and intuitive interface that can access any asset in just three clicks. ARC will aggregate all leading ERC-20 wallets, DeFi lending protocols, NFT marketplaces, along with centralized and decentralized exchanges to unify them under one platform, without the burdens of KYC

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ARC is an ERC20 token (0xc82e3db60a52cf7529253b4ec688f631aad9e7c2) please independently verify the contract at a reliable third party source such as CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko - ARC does not accept any liability for loss.